Getting Published

Chelsea Green specialises in books that promote the politics and practice of sustainable living that are suitable for a general audience.

We encourage you to browse our website, looking closely at our titles to see what books we offer, and reviewing the submission criteria that follow. Although we accept unsolicited submissions, we usually receive more than 800 submissions annually and publish around 30 titles per year.

If you think that your work is a good fit for Chelsea Green, then please read the submission guidelines below.

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Chelsea Green UK


Submission Guidelines

Due to the volume of Submissions that do not follow our Submission Guidelines cannot be considered or acknowledged.

What we publish

We specialise in books that promote the politics and practice of sustainable living. Here are some of the areas that we publish into:

  • Organic and regenerative farming and gardening (from home / allotment scale to professional / farm scale)
  • Nature and conservation writing
  • Ecology and the environment
  • Cookbooks, cookery technique books and health foods (we look for unique and innovative approaches to cuisine)
  • Fermentation and Foraging
  • Food sovereignty & politics (local and global agricultural movements, seed sovereignty, food justice etc)
  • Traditional craft, simple living and natural building methods
  • Sustainable economics & practises (zero-waste, circular economy and climate change for example)
  • Progressive politics (political or economic books with an original vision for a better future)
  • Integrative health and wellness (functional medicine, herbalism, food as medicine etc)
  • Ethical Animal husbandry

Areas we seldom publish books in:

  • Books that are regionally focussed
  • Academic (although many of our books are adopted for academic courses)
  • Agricultural and gardening-based but do not promote organic methods
  • New Age or spiritual
  • Popular topics covered by many other books
  • Offering top-down political policy prescriptions
  • Anthologies

We do not publish:

  • Novels
  • Poetry
  • Children’s books

To submit a query for consideration

A query letter should be one or two pages long and give an overview of your book’s topic and information about you as an author (who you are, why you are the right person to write this book, evidence that you will be able to complete a high-quality manuscript in a timely fashion). If we think there is a reasonable chance that we might pursue your book, we will request a full proposal.
When your submission is ready, please email your submission to
Please include the word “query,” your last name, and the book title in the subject line, eg: “Query: Jane Smith – Nature vs. Nurture.

To submit a proposal for consideration

Please include the following items in a single Word document:

  • A cover letter summarising the book
  • Biographical information (expanded from your query letter)
  • A preliminary table of contents
  • An expanded table of contents with one- or two-paragraph summaries of each chapter
  • Your target audience (who they are – be specific)
    • Why they will be interested in your book
  • Marketing research such as:
    • Descriptions of other books on the same or similar topics explaining why your book is different
  • Sales potential
    • organisations that may want to buy large numbers of your book
    • specialist shops / bookshops / catalogues
    • events where attendees would be interested in your book
  • Events where attendees will be interested in you as a speaker
  • Other countries where demand for your book might be high
  • PLUS 1-2  sample chapters
    Details on any art programme, including types of images (photos, line illustrations, charts, graphs, or other)

When your submission is ready, please email your submission to 
Please note: Our email server does not support files greater than 8MB.

Response Times
Due to the volume of submissions, response time can take several weeks.