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Tiny Victory Gardens

Growing Food Without a Yard

By Acadia Tucker


Regenerative farmer Acadia Tucker proves it’s possible to grow food without land. In this, her third easy-to-use gardening guide, Tucker describes how to cultivate bountiful container food gardens in pots, planters, and raised beds.

Climate activist and farmer Acadia Tucker fell in love with container gardening after glimpsing its potential to produce food—lots of food.  By applying select growing practices, and managing for square inches rather than square feet, she has come up with instructions for growing a small-scale farm on your patio, your stoop, or in your dining room. If what you want is a garden big enough to line a windowsill, she’s got you covered there.

Her book, loaded with helpful illustrations, includes:

  • Profiles of 21 container-friendly crops
  • Recipes for cultivating potted farms
  • Tips on finding the right container
  • Information on designing for small spaces—and making food gardens beautiful
  • Guidance on how to raise crops in pots all year long

Tucker also describes how to maximize the environmental impact of growing food in pots. She offers tips on attracting pollinators, shows how to build microbe-rich living soil, and explains ways to ditch harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Her goal is to make it easier for anyone with access to a patch of sun to grow food, no backyard required.

Reviews and Praise

"This book digs into the positive impact that even a tiny garden can have on your mental health, community food security, and local biodiversity. A great read for those interested in gardening, and not sure where to start."—Jes Walton, Green America

"Acadia is an evangelist for the Earth."–Jill Cloutier, Sustainable World Radio

"There is truly something for everyone in this book."—Meribeth Deen, Bowen Island Undercurrent

“As home gardening continues to climb in response to COVID-19, farmer and environmentalist Acadia Tucker proves that readers do not need a backyard to grow their own food.”—Food Tank’s  Reading List for Spring

"Gardener extraordinaire Acadia Tucker provides those of us without much yard space everything we need for planting nutritious balcony crops, indoor container gardens, and lush green rooftop farms. More delicious climate-saving ideas from this inspirational farmer-writer."–Virginia Aronson, Director, Food and Nutrition Resources Foundation

“The regenerative farmer and author, Acadia Tucker, is back with her third book—a guide to growing crops in a confined space. Inspired by the rise in popularity of gardening during the pandemic, Tiny Victory Gardens is full of suggestions, tips and recipes about the best types of produce to grow in containers. No outdoor space necessary. “Modern Farmer

"Tiny Victory Gardens is both a call to action, and DIY instructional guidebook for people who don't have much space, but want to make the most of what they have. Expertly written, exceptionally well organized, and thoroughly 'user friendly' in presentation."—Midwest Book Review

"Whatever your motivation for container gardening, Tiny Victory Gardens is a resource worth exploring."—Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

"Everyone can grow food! Acadia Tucker provides a practical reference for growing a huge array of crops in small spaces. Useful charts and clear line drawings make this a user-friendly guide for anyone ready to try growing food in containers."American Gardener Magazine, American Horticultural Society