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Sprig the Rescue Pig

By Leslie Crawford


“May Sprig help people to see what wonderful individuals pigs truly are.”—Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig

A self-described “charming” pig escapes a terrible fate, and finds friendship with a little girl. This light-hearted and beautifully illustrated bedtime story has been widely praised for inspiring compassion for animals. Now available in paperback.

Things aren’t looking good for Sprig, who is packed into a fast-moving truck with dozens of other pigs. He doesn’t know where they’re going but his nose knows there’s something better out there. So with one dramatic leap, or really more of a tumble, Sprig sets out on a pig-centered adventure that leads him to his new best friend, a girl named Rory. Inspired by true events, this light-hearted tale introduces kids to an intelligent and inquisitive pig who finds his way to a good life.

The book includes a bonus section called More About Pigs, where curious readers can learn that pigs are smart enough to play video games, enjoy sleeping in cozy pig piles, run really fast, and other amazing facts. Ages: 4 to 7


  • Sprig is displayed in the California governor’s mansion in Sacramento, CA, and part of the State Library’s permanent collection.
  • Teach Heart, which designs Humane Education curriculums for teachers, has named Sprig to its recommended book list.
  • Named to seven “best books for kids” lists


Reviews and Praise

"Bear and I just read this book and we liked it so much. It’s a really good story."—Alicia Silverstone

Raise Vegan—

"A title sure to delight bigs and littles alike, Sprig the Rescue Pig is all about helping readers connect with their compassionate side. Following in the path of such iconic pig tales as Babe and Charlotte’s Web, this children’s book was made to showcase the charm, intellect and personality of pigs, framing Sprig as an individual — not a breakfast food. Through the story of his rescue, and the people who come to love him, author Leslie Crawford and illustrator Sonja Stangl have crafted something as unique and valuable as it is beautiful to look at."

"In telling these heartwarming tales of resilience, compassion and love, Crawford avoids the more brutal realities of factory farming, showing simply that these farms are extremely unhappy places for such intelligent and emotional beings. She focuses instead on how truly wonderful these overlooked and poorly treated animals are—that they're way more than just bacon and nuggets.”—Reynard Loki, Ecowatch

"With Sprig, Leslie Crawford shows us how it's possible to expand our relationship with, and our connection to, the natural and non-human world. She uses language that is nonjudgmental, beautiful, and expressive. The illustrations, produced by Sonja Stangl, are delightful. If you are a parent of younger children I recommend you pick this up and start to share these stories with your children."–Scott Mann, The Permaculture Podcast

Sprig the Rescue Pig brings us into the mind of a pig, who like all pigs, is curious, intelligent, and affectionate - very much like a dog! In getting to know Sprig, we are asked to reconsider these animals for the remarkable beings they are. A joyful and inspiring story, Sprig makes a great gift for animal lovers.”–Brian Kateman, Editor of The Reducetarian Solution and The Reducetarian Cookbook

"Sprig is utterly charming, beautifully written, and the illustrations are enchanting. This is a great book for any child. You don't pull punches but you don't do anything gruesome or graphic or scary. Sprig the Rescue Pig is delightful.”–Victoria Moran, Mainstreet Vegan

"In some incredible feat, Leslie Crawford shares the truth about pigs in a way that's somehow light, informative and heartfelt in its telling. Like the best kid books, you can read it and see the darkness or light within it, or it can just be a fun story.”–Kristen Baskin, CEO, Let Us Compost 

"Inspired by a true story, the book is a fun, funny, and beautifully illustrated adventure tale with a happy ending.”–Children’s Books We Love, Mercy for Animals

"May Sprig help people to see what wonderful individuals pigs truly are."–Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig, Tamed & Untamed, and The Soul of an Octopus

"Your books, Sprig the Rescue Pig and Gwen the Rescue Hen, are wonderful. Bravo! I can’t wait to see them in every kid’s hands."—Kathy Freston, Best-Selling Author

"I simply adored this book! Clever, descriptive, and well structured, this book was particularly enjoyable, the sort of story that I'd enjoy reading out loud with a class."—Matthew, school librarian on Goodreads

"Both Sprig and Gwen are awesome and radical and filled with hope, and couldn’t have come into my life (and the world) at a better time."—Kelly Garbato, Goodreads