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The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports

By Marc Bubbs


Dr. Bubbs’s advice on nutrition, health, and recovery for peak performance has been a game changer! Kevin Pangos, point guard, Barcelona FC Basketball

Perfect for personal trainers, sports science students, fans of high level fitness (crossfit, marathon training, iron man, team sports) and gym heads!

A groundbreaking book exploring the fundamentals of high performance (not the fads), the importance of consistency (not extreme effort) and the value of patience (not rapid transformation).

The game-changing combination of health, nutrition, training, recovery and mindset in sports nutrition, followed by athletes at the top of their game, is now at your fingertips!

Dr. Marc Bubbs harnesses his experience as a performance nutrition consultant for professional and Olympic athletes to deliver a book that makes nutrition science accessible, actionable and achievable for everyone.  Synthesising information from leading experts and analysing top performers in sports, such as Grand Slam tennis champion Roger Federer, Dr. Bubbs lays out the record-breaking feats of athleticism and strategies that are rooted in this personalised, holistic approach to fitness.

In Peak, Dr. Bubbs expands on:

  • Connecting the importance of sleep, digestion, the microbiome and blood glucose control metrics
  • Creating personalised deep nutrition strategies for building muscle, burning fat or making weight for competition
  • Learning how elite endurance athletes fuel, including training techniques to boost performance
  • Emphasising the tremendous role of emotional intelligence and mindset in overcoming roadblocks and achieving athletic success.Analysing the qualities of elite leaders and how to develop them authentically

Reviews and Praise

Peak is one of the most impressive and detailed books on applied sports science ever published—a must-have for any practitioner in performance.”—Dr. Fergus Connolly, PhD, performance expert; author of Game Changer and 59 Lessons 

Peak is an essential read for anyone looking to reach their full potential! Dr. Bubbs has synthesized the research and practices that you can use to amplify your health and performance as an athlete.”—Dr. Greg Wells, PhD, human performance expert; exercise medicine researcher; best-selling author of The Focus Effect 

“You have two options: You can either not read this book and miss invaluable tips on how to become a more efficient and effective athlete and human being (or coach others do the same), or you can read Peak as soon as possible and be that much closer to your quest for total world domination. To anyone who wants to enhance their performance, read this book and thank me later!”—Jimmy Conrad, World Cup veteran and former captain of the US Men’s National Soccer Team

“A must-read for athletes and everyone alike. Peak is an immeasurable tool for becoming the best you can be!”—Kelly Olynyk, forward, Miami Heat, NBA 

Peak pushes the envelope. If you want to better understand the numerous ways you can positively impact your athletes, this is a must-read!”—Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, co-owner, IFAST, named one of America’s 10 Best Gyms by Men’s Health Magazine

“Dr. Bubbs’s advice on nutrition, health, and recovery for peak performance has been a game changer!”—Kevin Pangos, point guard, Barcelona FC Basketball

“Dr. Bubbs is an amazingly knowledgeable health professional who is able to translate highbrow science into practical, applicable gems that athletes and sports nutrition practitioners can use to fuel body and mind for peak performance. I’m very excited about Peak, and you should be, too!”—Miguel Mateas, PhD(c), clinical neuroscientist; doctoral researcher in gut-brain communication

“In Peak, Dr. Marc Bubbs has produced one of the most comprehensive and practical resources on human performance, nutrition, and recovery available in print form. Whether you are the performance director of a professional sports team, a coach of a youth sports club, or an individual looking to improve your overall health and wellness, Peak will provide you a road map for enhancing your overall probability of success. This well-researched and clearly presented book should be in the libraries of anyone who is guiding the development of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.”—Derek Hansen, international performance consultant, NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA

Peak is a masterpiece of nutritional science from one of the world’s leading authorities on athletic health and performance. It’s a fantastic resource that provides a road map to reaching true wellness.”—Dr. Rocco Monto, orthopedic surgeon; physician, Team USA; author of The Fountain


Peak is a highly informative, interesting, useful, and all-encompassing performance enhancement book I wish I had when I started coaching.”—Jorge Carvajal, strength and conditioning coach for NFL players, elite military personnel, and big wave surfers 

 “In today’s world of human performance, it is becoming harder and harder to blaze new trails. However one of those trails is the model of common language and consistent service from a multitude of specialists, as highlighted by Dr. Bubbs in his new book Peak. With this model of teamwork, we can expect the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Peak should yield excitement to achieve greater success with your own systems and methods.”—Dr. Charlie Weingroff, DPT, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Canadian men’s national basketball team; member, Nike Executive Council; consultant to professional athletes

“An accomplished contributor to the field of sport performance in his own right, Dr. Bubbs possesses a unique ability to ask relevant questions and identify practitioners and researchers generating the most current and effective solutions pertaining to athlete readiness. Dr. Bubbs is a connector, and Peak is an incredibly comprehensive resource that addresses many of the variables that influence performance—conveniently in one place.”—Dr. Doug Kechijian, DPT, performance coach; US Air Force Outstanding Airmen of the Year

Peak is essential reading if you’re looking to maximize human performance—a phenomenal educational resource!”—Kyle Sammons, CSCS, Coordinator of Sports Science, University of Washington Football

“This book really resonated with me as it is in alignment with all things terrain-centric and comes from a deep core of naturopathic philosophy and sound science. I am amazed it has taken this long to bring together a whole package for optimal fitness! Dr. Bubbs has done a monumental job in this well-written, easy to follow, inspirational book that speaks to both the aspiring and elite athlete. I live in a part of the country that is a hub for world-class athletes, and I often find them to be among the sickest of my patients thanks to years of overtraining, improper nutritional advice, addictive tendencies, and dysregulated natural rhythms. Peak outlines the best in sound nutrition, optimizing performance with powerful biohacks, inspiring us to get in motion again, and creating balance in our wildly out of balance bodies.”—Nasha Winters, ND, author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

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