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Knowledge Rich Ranching

By Allan Nation


Knowledge Rich Ranching is not a how-to book on raising cattle. It is a book on how the cattle business works. It has not been sanitized nor edited by Ms. Rosy Scenario. It is about the way things really are. It is about fear and greed, and how the commodity business eats alive the naive and unaware. In today’s market, it is knowledge that separates the rich from the rest.

Knowledge Rich Ranching is packed with guidelines for how to read and profit from the upside-down swings of the cattle cycle. It describes various bookkeeping methods and tax tips; covers cost cutting to eliminate profit leaks; reveals the secrets of high profit grass farms and ranches; details strategies for using Management-intensive Grazing in humid and arid climates as well as during adverse weather conditions. And it explains family and business structure with suggestions for estate planning to keep today’s ranch or grass farm viable and profitable for future generations.

While focused on raising cattle, the principles in Knowledge Rich Ranching apply equally to producers of other livestock enterprises—sheep, in particular, which run backwards to the cattle cycle and can add a complementary enterprise to an existing cattle operation. Anyone who has profit as his or her goal will benefit from this book. It is the first to cover the business management principles of grassland farming and ranching.

Reviews and Praise

"Knowledge Rich Ranching will expose you to what you need to understand when you sit down to the kitchen table on winter nights to determine how not only to make it through another year, but to develop a long-term economically sustainable farm or ranch.

From goal setting to the harsh realities of the cattle cycle, from financial planning and business structure to the successful mindset, Nation’s book brings knowledge into once convenient, concise and readable package."–David W. Morrison, Rural Papers

"Allan Nation makes an interesting declaration early in his book, Knowledge Rich Ranching.  “A basic principle of ranching,” Nation says, “is that land ownership and cattle are two separate businesses. Going out and purchasing a ranch and then buying some cows in hopes that they will pay off the note is a sure ticket to financial disaster.” Nothing equivocal about that. The rest of his book carries the same tone.

His points have been echoed by others in economic digressions but the points too often are missed or ignored. Throughout the book Nation ends each chapter section with what he labels “profit points.” Even people who don’t farm or ranch will find interesting points to think about. Most of the book is about the skills needed to run a cattle ranch, and the philosophical observations are just asides or bonuses."–Virgil Rupp, Agri-Times NW